Dr. Marc Tagon an Expert in Motivational and Personal Development

Dr. Marctagon who is an urban specialized and entrepreneur claims that he is not a genuine doctor but just a specialist online doctor. He is the founder and local life synergist at Marctagon Synergy with an age of thirty year’s plus. Apart from maintaining Synergy he, also own a technology consulting business and blog, called the Marctagon IT. During his free time, he usually trains for his next race and also maintains an intermittent go on hunger strike lifestyle. He believes in God’s power living a positive life accordingly despite the common challenges in our daily lives.

Marc did mention that he came up with the Marctagon Synergy idea after suffering for a long period with his age mate friends. They were all committed t working harder and harder for the sake of living better lives. Feeding on food with no balanced diet was part of their lives; they had no time to sort the problem out. He led a terrible life with his friends spending most of their time behind a smartphone or a computer screen with the intention of making their stay better but all when in vain making things more difficult. Precisely, they had no life synergy. All that make up a better life seemed to be independent and against unity of any kind. Dr. Marc Tagon had to look for a lifesaving alternative; that is why he decided to be an internet doctor.

Having seen a lot of websites that focused on balance diet and physical exercises of wellness, he decided to venture into it. Internet helped him in developing positive attitude towards life despite the existing challenges through sites that major on having living a life with a positive mindset and also via websites that had motivational speakers trying to convince the public on overcoming challenges and getting ready to take on life. Dr. Marc Tagon claims that he had come across sites that tried to make life with current technology easier and highlighted methods, software and hardware that can be used for efficient production but none it could fit them.From this experience Dr. Marc Tagon found a dream and via that vision; Marctagon Synergy arose.

With Dr. Marc life is never about losing hope despite the challenges we do undergo but success in life is about patience, analyzing all that is going on around us, identifying available opportunities and working hard.