Think Diet Soda is Better Huh? 3 Ways Diet Soda Is Bad For You

When you decided to make some changes to your eating habits, especially that five soda a day habit you’re had for years, you figured, “I’ll switch to diet soda. It’s zero calories so that’s perfectly fine.” In a way, you were correct. You’re definitely benefiting by saving yourself over 600 calories a day and over … Continue reading »

I Am Featured on the #RunChat Website!

It’s currently Running Blogs Month and the good people over at #RunChat are spotlighting two or three bloggers daily all month. And on Wednesday the 7th, guess who was featured along @VsFuzzyWorld and @runbangrun? You guessed it! Me! Here is the bio directly from the post:     Although I had to apply to be listed, I’m … Continue reading »