5 Ways to Strength Train (Without Using Weights)

  When most people think of strength training, they think of sweaty shirtless guys huddled around a bench doing chest presses. While that isn’t an incorrect view of what you may see in some gyms, strength training isn’t just for bodybuilders or even, just for men, it’s for everyone. No matter what you’re training for, … Continue reading »

Doc’s Log #10: 2 Weeks In (Biggest Loser Challenge Update)

Greetings lovelies and gents! It’s another beautiful Tuesday morning and I’m back with another update. I meant to post last week but hey at least, I didn’t wait 3 months to update you this time (i.e. I’m getting better!). It’s been an interesting two weeks since the Biggest Loser Challenge got started. For starters, I didn’t … Continue reading »

Think Diet Soda is Better Huh? 3 Ways Diet Soda Is Bad For You

When you decided to make some changes to your eating habits, especially that five soda a day habit you’re had for years, you figured, “I’ll switch to diet soda. It’s zero calories so that’s perfectly fine.” In a way, you were correct. You’re definitely benefiting by saving yourself over 600 calories a day and over … Continue reading »