Rounded Well Being by Dr. Mark Tagon

So many people in the 21st century and before thinking their lives are fine because they have all the material things they would need and people to share with. Unfortunately so many of us are failures in one of the most important aspects of our lives; family, relationships, health and spirituality. This is because not many people are able to balance their priorities and this usually means that one or more aspects are neglected. Marctagon’s Synergy is a blog program written by Dr. Mark Tagon to teach people and especially busy professionals and business people to have an all rounded healthy life.

Dr. Mark Tagon came up with Synergy after realizing like many people that his life is not balanced. He has dedicated his life to teaching people on his website how to have;

  1. Healthy habits like exercise, good diet, good sleeping habits, creating time for God, friends and family and of course meditation and relaxing.
  2. Attitude. This means your entire outlook on life, what inspires you and how you deal with stress.
  3. Technology. How efficiently does one use the technology around must use technology today but must also be able to detach from it any time and relate with the real world.

Time management to fit all the aspects of your life is a major teaching from Dr. Mark Tagon. It’s true that one person has to deal with a lot but according to him, GOD has given humans the ability to handle all of them equally if they have the right attitude and plan properly.

The Upside

All said and done, as a personal development and motivational expert, Dr, Mark Tagon understands that we are not super humans and we are subject to failure sometimes. Because of this, he writes articles and answers questions on his website about human expectations. He has taught people how to live a life without regrets and to stop thinking we are perfect. According to him, one must learn to forgive themselves, cut yourself some slack and pat yourself in the back for all the good things you have achieved.

He has really emphasized on the need to be the change you want. This is because some people expect certain things from certain people failure to which real disappointment and resentment kicks in. To avoid this, one must take the bull by its horns and change what they don’t like instead of expecting others to do so. This is actually what motivated this great doctor to start Life Synergy. Complaining is a big no if one wants to live a happy life and most of all always maintain a great positive attitude no matter what.

Dr. Mark Tagon’s blog has changed the lives of many people who were on the verge of diabetes, obesity and even divorce because they worked too hard and forgot their marriages and is very clear from the blog and experience that an imbalanced lifestyle leads to really bad consequences and therefore one must try to have synergy. A weekly newsletter of the program is sent to all who prescribe to the mail list and he also answers all questions asked in person through email.