Doc’s Log #4: Marathons, (Lack of) Motivation, and More


Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I contributed a personal post and I know you’ve just been itching to find out what I’ve been up to (wishful thinking!). Well, the short answer is in some areas a lot but in others, not much at all.

So let’s get into the important stuff first, diet and exercise…

Well, my eating has been about 65/35, in favor of good. I’ve been eating sensibly and last week I made a change to my current eating style by making a switch to 16/8 intermittent fasting, which is eating all my calories during a selected 8 hour window of the day while fasting the other 16 consuming nothing but water or zero calorie drinks. I do also partake in sugar-free gum because anyone who has fasted knows that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth and makes your breath smell to others too. I’ve stuck to it all but 2 days since I’ve begun 8 days ago. I’m not sure if I’ve gained or lost weight since I’ve begun since I haven’t weighed but I will say this, knowing that my eating is confined to this particular window has actually made me more disciplined. Knowing I can only eat between 2PM and 10PM (my chosen window) makes it easier to stay focused on other things because I know what time I can eat. I will aim to keep this going as many days as I can but like I said if I get an invite out for breakfast or an early lunch or I attend a gathering with food in the morning/early afternoon hours, I won’t punish myself for it or I’ll just make my 8 hour window begin earlier in the day.

It still takes a little getting used not pouring  a bowl of cereal or oatmeal first thing in the morning but that’s more instinct than hunger. I don’t really start to feel the hunger pangs until around noonish and I think if I drank water like I should even those would be non-existent.

My water intake definitely needs work. The hardest part is my body not being used to it when I do and I spend half the day going to the bathroom. I’m hoping if I become more consistent perhaps I’ll go less. I also decided to add another cheat meal to my week, so now it’s #CheatMealFriday and #CheatMealSaturday. Adding another cheat meal means my diet needs to be damn near immaculate the rest of the week pretty much. I think I can manage that though, less time to eat means less time to eat unhealthy.

Which moves on to the next thing…I JUST CAN’T SEEM TO GET MOTIVATED TO WORK OUT! I’m a big time advocate of discipline over motivation but I can’t seem to muster either one. I can’t will myself off the couch to hit my Insanity DVD or out of the house to run my distance for the day. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that it gets dark after 7, the cold weather, or perhaps just my own procrastination. I guess a mix of all three.  The decline in Internet usage has made me a lot more productive, just not physically. Something has to give ASAP though. I find that if my workouts aren’t point, weight loss is hard for me no matter how tight my diet is.

That’s probably why I’ve been avoiding the scale because I know it’s likely not good news. I’ll wait until Easter Sunday to do it. Perhaps I can muster up  a strong week and a half and end up weighing less than the last time I weighed in.

Moving right along, I do have some news as far as my race goals. I decided that my next marathon will be the Disney World Marathon on Jan 12, 2014.

Why the change of heart? Well, it’s a combination of several things.

1. I get to visit someplace warm during the bitter winter.

2. I always read/hear about how awesome the Disney World Marathon is.

3. It’s one of the flattest/fastest marathon courses out there

4. It still allows me to notch off another state that I’ve never done a race in.

5. I can participate in a marathon without worrying about it being too close to the Men’s Health Urbanathlon, which I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

6. I can finish my Couch to 10K program without worrying about it leaking into my marathon training schedule.

However, with all that said, I decided I still would like to do the NYC Marathon so I will do the 9+1 for ING NYC Marathon Guaranteed Entry again this year so I can get guaranteed entry into 2014′s ING NYC Marathon.

This year’s goal is still 13 in 2013, it just so happens that 9 of them will be 2014 marathon qualifiers.

And that’s my latest update, folks…hope it wasn’t too long to read!!

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One thought on “Doc’s Log #4: Marathons, (Lack of) Motivation, and More

  1. I managed to catch your throwback post on my twitter timeline this morning! I AM SO INTRIGUED by your fasting and the hours you’ve choosen. Can’t wait to hear more about your progress…:-)

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