Doc’s Log #3: DietBet Results, Insanity, and Measurements

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Hey everyone!

Before we get into today’s log, I wanted to let you know about the  weight loss/fitness Facebook group that my good friend, Amoure, and I co-manage called “Losing is Winning”. It’s basically a place for us to talk about our struggles, triumphs, questions, answers, share articles, etc. So come on check it out.

My DietBet finished on Monday and guess what? Ya boy was a winner! 5 of us out of 21 succeeded in making our goal weight but overall I came in tied for 3rd losing 4.4% of my body weight. The winners received an equal share of the $210 pot (minus DietBet’s 15% cut) which equaled out to $35.70 each. Not bad for a $10 bet. I was happy for all those participated. Even those that didn’t make it, made great strides in their quests. Every pound counts.

So often when I write out a workout plan, the Insanity workout lingers in the back of my head. Then when I actually start Insanity, I don’t make it past the first week because I deem myself not ready or I deduct that the workout is too hard and perhaps I’m not ready. Perhaps it’s true, maybe I’m not ready. I mean, I can’t get through the warmup without stopping to take a short break, how can I get through 90 days of it? But then I think about my fellow bloggers who are kicking ass in CrossFit or pushing themselves to the limit doing other things and I think, “You know what, maybe I have to stop half the workout. Maybe I do break more than allotted but the fact is I’m putting forth the best effort that I can give.”  Hell, Insanity is tough for fit people so I can’t expect it to be anything close to easy for me. There’s a reason why it tugs at me the way no other workout does. I’m supposed to do it. So I’ve decided, come Monday I will. Now this doesn’t mean I won’t be working out again until then. I just won’t be starting Insanity until Monday. You know, I’m pretty excited about it. I know I will hate it. I know I’ll want to quit but I won’t this time. NO WAY!

I took my measurements today and then I plugged them into a body fat calculator I found on LIVESTRONG. The measurement, which they warned is only for informational purpose was 38.31% body fat. I knew I was around 37-39% so I wasn’t surprised. Long way to go to get down to 10%, which is my body fat goal.

Now that I’m down to just over 305, getting under 300 is right around the corner. That’s my next goal. I’d love to do it by  the end of next week. 5 pounds in a little under 2 weeks is doable, don’t you think?


So what’s your next short term goal? 

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4 thoughts on “Doc’s Log #3: DietBet Results, Insanity, and Measurements

  1. First off congratulations on making your goal and on your Dietbet win. You are definitely an inspiration for me and many others. I can honestly say I know how you feel about the Insanity wo because that happens for me with quite a few workouts (remember my burpee challenge). Eventually, i dub them too difficult for me to continue because of my size or lack of being physically fit enough to do them correctly. After reading your struggle I can see now I’m not the only one this happens to and I can push through a workout no matter how many breaks, or do overs I have to do. I’ll make sure I don’t hurt myself but I wont get better at it if I don’t do it. I should have realized that when you taught me my form for the squats.

    Blessings to you hun and thanks for shouting out “our” group :)

    • Thank you…yeah, sometimes you just have to suck it up and try it as if you didn’t know exactly how hard it would be beforehand. So much of what holds us back is mental. I don’t want to hold myself back…and neither should you!

  2. Congrats again on the win! *Happy Dance* That was such a needed jump start. Your struggle with Insanity, I think it’s normal…Stick with it this time babe. “Weather the storm…” and I’m sure you’ll be please with the end results. My next short term goal is to get below 220 simply because I want to sky dive in July and I already made my purchase…While I’m losing weight I am learning so much about what I put into my body. I’m hoping to continue that learning process as well.

    • Ohhh skydiving, that’s on my list too but I have another 80 pounds or so to get to that goal so I’ll have to live through you on that one lol I applaud your progress as well, thanks for the congrats!

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